Living in Unionville.

One of the most desirable areas to live, in the Greater Toronto Area, the community of Unionville - within the City of Markham - is a lifestyle like no other.  Short walks to community parks, the famous Main Street, and virtually all amenities, make Unionville one of the most sought-after addresses to live in.


Welcome to Unionville, Ontario

Unionville is a Heritage village of about 80,000 located just north east of Toronto within The City of Markham, Ontario. Unionville is connected within the Greater Toronto Area by a web of Expressways, Toll roads and a rail commuter line to downtown Toronto called the GO Train.

Markham, with its population of about 300,000, has over 900 technology and life-sciences companies, with IBM as the city's largest employer. A number of multinational companies also have their Canadian headquarters located in Markham, including: Honda, Advanced Micro Devices, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Apple., Avaya, Motorola, Oracle, Toshiba, and Honeywell to name a few

The National Household Survey indicates that Markham is Canada’s most diverse community with the highest proportion of visible-minorities. According to the Survey, 72.3 per cent of Markham’s population is comprised of visible minorities. The minority populations are mostly Chinese, making up 52.9 per cent of the community and South Asian populations comprising of 17.2 per cent of the population. The black community also accounts for 4.5 per cent of Markham’s population.

Many Unionville residents work in Markham’s Hi Technology hub and thus Unionville is said to be one of the most affluent areas in the Greater Toronto Area with an average household income of $127,900.

Main Street Unionville is very picturesque with its centuries old commercial architecture. Main Street also has a number of "century homes" dating back to the 1800s. These homes are also protected by the Ontario Heritage Trust Act with each one of them proudly displaying a bronze shield detailing exactly what its historical significance is.

This Heritage Act requires owners of the buildings to maintain the structures and their heritage elements. The historic village or downtown section of Unionville is typical of a small town that developed over a century or so starting in the early 1840s through the middle to late 20th century. The residents are very proud of its charm and beauty.

Historic Main Street attracts thousands of visitors each year —it boasts over 10 restaurants, including 3 pubs plus a variety of small Retail shops. Main Street has constantly been a favourite amongst the film industry as a stage or backdrop for the production of many commercials, television shows and movies. 


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